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Independent Impartial Advice...


There are dozens of technologies, hundreds of manufacturers and thousands of people selling them, all telling you a different story...


Technologies by their very nature are 'technical' and complex, what chance do you have of being able to pick the right one, by the right company at the right price???


This is what we offer... Independent, impartial advice.


We are constantly researching installers, manufacturers and visiting customers who they have done business with, to find out who did a good job and delivered what they promised.


It is true that 'word of mouth' is a good way to do business, well consider us your 'word of mouth' agents.



  • Analyse

  • Design

  • Install

  • Monitor

What we offer


A full 'one stop' solution from concept to completion...


  • Analysis of your current energy usage and systems.

  • Produce a detailed report recommending what technologies you should use and why

  • Full financial analysis of costs, returns and finance options

  • Advise you who the best companies are to install the equipment.

  • Technical surveys

  • Project management, (we will deal with the installers leaving you to get on with your business.)

  • Ongoing monitoring and reporting how your system is doing and how much you are saving.

What technologies we can advise on


All the 'proven' technologies which have been shown to genuinely cut energy costs for heat and power.  


We dont know everything, so if you have a need for a 'specialist' area i.e. drilling water bore holes, or anaerobic digestion etc..., then we will refer you to a specialist who has a good reputation in the industry. 


Typically these are the current technologies we will help you with...


  • Solar Panels (PV and Thermal)

  • Biomass Heating

  • Air/Ground Source Heat Pumps

  • CHP Engines

  • Energy Efficient Lighting

  • Energy Monitoring

  • Choosing Energy Suppliers

  • Applying for Government grants and Funding

  • Carbon Trust Funding

How we get paid


The initial consultation is free and without any obligation.  At this stage we will be able to tell you which technologies are suitable and roughly what the cost / return ratios are.


If you would like us to produce a detailed report showing the specification of the technologies you need, how much you should be paying for them and who the best companies are to install them, then we charge a small fee between £250 and £500 for a single site, small business.


For a multi site corporate business we will happily come and have a look at your sites and give you a quote.


You can use this report to invite tenders from other suppliers, present to your board, or use as a business case to get funding.


Should you decide to go ahead and use the recommendations in the report, we have made an agreement with all the companies we recommend, that they will refund this fee directly to you on completion of the project.

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