Some of the work we have done...


We have consulted on a varied range of projects from large industrial companies, to small owner managed businesses and farms.


It doesn't matter whether you are big or small, you need to be looking at ways of becoming less reliant on the energy companies and finding ways to control your future energy costs.


It does no harm to have a chat with us to see if we can help you and it wont cost you a penny.

Project 01



A large engineering company in Lancashire was spending a combined total of over £150,000 on gas and electricity.


We installed a number of motitoring systems to see where most of their energy costs are coming from.


Lighting accounted for over 30% of their electricity costs, with machinery making up the majority of the rest.


90% of their gas usage was being used for heating, with the remainder for hot water.


After analysing the data, we produced a report, which recommended changes to the lighting system, solar PV panels and biomass heating systems.  The recommendations will save the company over £70,000 p.a. on their energy costs for a capital outlay of £450,000, giving them a return on their investment of over 15% p.a. which rises with the RPI. 


We have also sourced unsecured finance which will be fully funded from the savings, therfore unaffecting the company's cashflow.


In addition the company can boast a reduction in their Co2 of over 70%.

Project 02



A local dairy farm was spending over £4,500 on electricity for his milking parlour.


Most of this cost was heating water used and runnig compressors to chill the milk.


We recommended that he install solar PV panels on his roof and heat recovery units on the compressors.  


The result is that his electricity bill has reduced by over £2,000 per year and he will recieve nearly £2,400 p.a. from government incentives for the next 20 years, which means he now only pays around £100 p.a. for electriciy rather £4,500.


His Co2 has dropped by 40% which is great news for his customers.  Asda and Sainsbury's buy his milk and carry out a carbon audit every year on his farm to make sure he is within their acceptable limits.


His investment was just under £30,000 for a £4,500 return per year.


Project 03



We were contacted by an architect who was designing a range of energy efficient houses and had a problem trying to get the energy effciency to the required building code.


The location of these properties meant that it was cost prohibitive to have a gas connection, therefore the heating was electric panel and storage heaters.  This meant that the developer had to have bespoke windows, and thermal insulation, in order to meet building codes.


Using our broad knowledge of all the technologie, we advised on a number of changes including using solar PV panels, Air Source Heat Pumps and heat recovery units.


The result was that the developer could install standard 'off the shelf' windows and thermal insulation whilst still meet the building code required.


This significantly reduced his building costs to the extent that the savings fully funded the technologies and now he will recive a 20 year government incentive, which will repay him four times the cost of installing these technologies.