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About Us

You want advice you can trust, we want customers for life...


We have spent over 25 years in the advice and service industry, where our income is completely dependent on the quality of service we give.  


Over the years we have learned a thing or two about giving good advice.  Most of our business has come 'word of mouth' from existing clients, which means we must be doing something right.


We spend 50% of our time looking at technologies, manufacturers and installers to make sure that we can bring you real life advice, about what works and who are the best people to install it.


We do this by actually going out to see the work installers have done and speaking to their clients in person.   Therefore the information we give you is 'straight from the horses mouth' by customers just like you, who had the same problem you have.


Why not give us a call and ask us a few questions to see if we know what we are talking about and get some free advice?

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