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Important News​

Energy prices have dropped significantly over the last few months, however they are still double the cost pre the energy crisis.


Companies need to take steps to use less if they want to keep costs under control. 


Energy efficiency is the only way forward. 


If you are not doing it, your competitors will be!

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Energy Efficiency

Energy Management


Renewable Equipment




Green Technologies' was set up to offer impartial and independent advice to anyone who is concerned about their future energy costs.  


This is a complex market which is overrun by sales people who can only offer their company's products.  


You need advice from someone who can genuinely offer you the 'best' solution and find the right company for you to do business with.  


Green Technologies does that, we do not sell any of our own products or install equipment, so you can rest assured we have no loyalties to anyone, except you.




We offer a full 'one stop' solution from concept to completion...


A typical project for us would include...


  • Analysis of your current energy usage and systems.

  • Produce a detailed report recommending what technologies you should use and why

  • Full financial analysis of costs, returns and finance options

  • Advise you who the best companies are to install the equipment.

  • Technical surveys

  • Project management, we will deal with the installers leaving you to get on with your business.





Our projects vary in size from owner/manager businesses to large corporate organisations, with complex energy use.  Our typical sectors are...


  • Aerospace

  • Food Manufacturing

  • Large Retail

  • Automotive Industry





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